Find out news about solar power in Jacksonville, FL and beyond from the solar experts at Masterpiece Solar.


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What to Look for in Solar Panels

If you are investing in solar, you want to ensure that you are...

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Masterpiece Solar Jacksonville Residential Solar Panels

10 Fun Solar Power Facts

Who doesn’t love a fun fact in a niche topic? Here are 10 interesting...

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Answering Your Solar Questions

Considering switching to solar, as with anything, will bring up some...

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Be Your Own Utility

One of the first bills I had to pay as a young adult was the...

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Tax Credit for Solar in Florida

As the saying goes, the only things in life that are guaranteed are...

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Increase Your Home’s Value – Quickly & Easily

When you install solar on your roof, you are essentially creating your...

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Clean Living

Solar has some unbelievable financial benefits for homeowners who make...