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What to Look for in Solar Panels

If you are investing in solar, you want to ensure that you are selecting a product that is built to last 30+ years. You want reliable panels that won’t need to be replaced and that will produce as much electricity as possible. 

At Masterpiece Solar we do that research for you and only bring the best products to the table. Here is a look as some of the requirements that we look at, in order for it to qualify as a Masterpiece:

Module Efficiency

The efficiency of the panels is how much electricity it is able to produce versus the amount of energy from the sun. Panels with higher efficiency typically cost a little more but allow you to produce the same amount of electricity with less panels. 


Solar energy is a long-term investment, meaning it can last well over 30 years. Warranties help guarantee that long-term investment. Manufacturers typically offer two types of warranties: a performance warranty and a product warranty. A performance warranty ensures that your solar panels have the ability to produce electricity as they age – or stay above a specific degradation rate. Product warranties protect you against any manufacturing defects.

Masterpiece Solar also offers a third party over the top warranty with Solar Insure. We want our customers to have complete peace of mind. 

Panel Style

We do our best to have a variety of options available and this includes the style of panels. Solar panels are usually either black on black or black on white. Depending on the color of your roof you may want the black on black for a more subtle look, while other clients prefer the traditional bluish appearance of the black on white.

When we show you a Masterpiece project, we will let you know the equipment we have used and explain what the thought process was for selecting it for your home. 

Request a solar design for your home today!

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10 Fun Solar Power Facts

Who doesn’t love a fun fact in a niche topic? Here are 10 interesting solar power facts that can live rent-free in your mind.

  1. Solar energy has been used for over 2700 years!! In 700 BC glass lenses were used to make fire by magnifying the sun’s rays.
  1. The Greeks and Romans would intentionally design their buildings with south facing windows to allow the sun to heat and light their inside space.
  1. In 1447, Leonardo Di Vinci predicted that solar power would be used to heat water.
  1. The first silicon solar cell was developed by Bell Labs in 1954.
  1. Solar energy is the most widely used renewable energy source.
  1. Solar calculators were invented in 1978 and is likely the first way you have used solar energy.
  1. The International Space Station is entirely solar powered.
  1. When huge “Solar Energy Spills” occur, it is known simply as “a nice day” 😅
  1. China has built a 250 acre solar farm in the shape of a panda. (currently not offering panda designs for rooftop solar).
  1. Solar panels are the only home improvement that pays for itself.

Know a solar power fact we didn’t mention? We would love to hear it!

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Be Your Own Utility

One of the first bills I had to pay as a young adult was the electricity bill and I have been loyally paying for it every month since. It is not one of those “nice to have” expenses that you can decide to to put on pause for a while and treat yourself to something else. It’s simple if you want the lights on and more importantly, still have access to wifi 😅 – you pay your electricity bill. 

It is not a fun expense but necessary; so even though you don’t enjoy paying your electricity bill, you gladly pay any price that appears on your bill. Besides, what choice do you have?

The problem with utility companies is that they operate in a monopoly. You are assigned a utility company, and given a rate that can change at any time. 

In fact, in Jacksonville, they plan to change the rates.

The two major utility companies in our area are JEA and Florida Power and Light (FP&L). Both have plans to significantly increase their prices. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

Utilities have large costs of their own, such as maintenance on their infrastructure and investment in new ventures (usually solar!). Unfortunately, it is you, the homeowner, who has to pay for this.

Investigations into the companies found that FP&L could be raising their rates by 15% by 2025, and JEA could be charging a ludicrous 52% extra for electricity by 2030.

If only you could generate your own electricity… by – pass go on the monopoly of JEA and become your own utility… 

This is where solar can save the day. A solar payment is comparable to your bill today, and will stay at that rate. Then, you will pay off the system and that monthly bill will be close to $0. If you have to pay the electricity bill anyway, might as well be towards your own investment.

You have the power to beat the utilities. You have the power to be your own utility. 

Are you ready? Book a free home energy consultation today.

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Increase Your Home’s Value – Quickly & Easily

When you install solar on your roof, you are essentially creating your own personal power plant in your home. 

We know how the sun moves around the earth, and how many sunlight hours we can expect in your zip code, so we can accurately predict how much energy your power plant is going to produce. 

Energy is a commodity that has a dollar value. Using power plants to produce and sell energy is how your utility company makes millions of dollars every year. 

So it stands to reason that when you build a power plant on your roof, your home becomes a more valuable asset on the market. 

In fact, the Federal National Mortgage Association states that your home can increase in value by up to 15%.

If your home costs $400,000, it could jump up by $60,000 overnight!

What could you do with an extra $60,000?

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Clean Living

Solar has some unbelievable financial benefits for homeowners who make the switch. With fixed low rates and increased home values, you will quickly see the savings pile up.

Solar does more than produce green money, it produces green energy. 

Traditional energy fuel sources are incredibly dirty. Anyone who’s seen a smokey chimney can agree with that!

By switching to solar, you stop relying on dirty fuel sources. This has a direct impact on how much your home is contributing to pollution. 

We are able to calculate this directly and give you something extra to feel good about.

Both in tons of CO2 offset and its equivalent in trees planted, you can really make a difference. 

When you receive all the good that nature gives you today, imagine how it will feel to give some good back. If you want to find out more schedule a solar energy consultation today.