Frequently Asked Questions

Learn the answers to the most common questions we get about having a solar power system for your home or business in Jacksonville, FL.

1.Isn’t solar very expensive?

This is a common concern and cost analysis should be an important consideration while making your decision to go solar.

Solar projects are not free as some ads would lead you to believe. However, since the energy produced by the system will replace the energy you are currently buying from the grid, the cost of the solar project is money you will already spend. You must decide if you would prefer to pay for energy that benefits the utility company or pay for energy that benefits you.

Creating your own energy allows you to take control of your energy rates and protect one of your living expenses against inflation.

With the 30% Federal tax incentive and financing options, there has never been a better time to go solar.

2.Will my roof leak?

Unless you have a standing seam metal roof, the panels will be anchored by mounting them into the roof. This ensures that your system can withstand hurricane force winds. Understandably this raises the concern of the integrity of the roof after installation and will it be vulnerable to leaks?

The mounting components are specifically designed for rooftop solar installations, and thus guard against roof leaks. Special flashing is installed around every rooftop penetration to allow water to flow safely away. In addition to the flashing, butyl rubber is used to ensure a watertight seal. We partner with the best installers in the industry who have a keen eye for attention to detail and take every measure to keep your roof leak free in any weather condition.

Finally, we want to ensure you have complete peace of mind when going solar. That’s why your solar installation will also come with a 30 year workmanship warranty that covers the roof penetrations.

3.What is the warranty on solar?

Each panel comes with its own manufacture warranty that guarantees production. This varies depending on the brand but we usually offer panels that offer a 25 year warranty. In addition to the manufacture, an over the top 30 year workmanship warranty is included from our install partner, Synergy. There is no deductible and remains valid as long as all service work is completed by the installation company.

4.Are panels on my roof safe during a hurricane?

Florida buildings are required to meet the state’s strict wind codes – and solar panels are no different. The mounting techniques are specifically designed to resist hurricane-speed winds and flying debris, sometimes making the roof even stronger than it was before. We even offer panels that feature an extra high-wind rating, which are required in coastal areas. As with any home improvement covered by homeowner’s insurance, should damage occur, a claim can be filed to cover necessary repairs.

5.Will having solar panels protect from power outages?

If you elect to install a battery alongside your solar system then yes, you will at least partially retain power during a cut. During our free consultation we will calculate how many batteries your home would need for a partial or whole home backup.
However, without a battery, your system will shut off when there is a power cut. This is done intentionally, so that your panels aren’t pumping electricity into a grid that a utility worker is working on.

6.What’s involved in maintenance?

One of the things that make solar impressive is the fact that there are no moving parts. That means there is no wear and tear on the equipment, making your panels resilient. Since there are no moving pieces there is not much maintenance that is required to ensure they are performing at their peak.

The main focus is to keep your system free from anything that would block sun from getting to the panels. This means clearing any debris that could land on them, keeping trees trim that would otherwise cast shadows on them and ensuring pollen isn’t blocking your production. For the most part Florida thunderstorms are usually enough to wash that pollen off but a simple splash from a garden house will keep your panels operating at their highest efficiency. If you want a deep clean we have a referral partner we can connect you with to keep them sparkling clean.

Your solar panels have quite the life sunbathing all day long with no worries.

7.Shouldn’t I wait for technology advancements?

NASA has recently celebrated the 60th year anniversary of the solar cell. Photovoltaics do not change similarly to our cell phones and computers. It makes more sense to go solar now so you can start saving now and take advantage of the incentives while they are still around.

8.How will it look on my house?

The more mainstream this becomes the less this will even be considered an issue. In California, it is the houses without solar that standout as the odd one out.

Panels have become more sleek than the panels of the past. When you think of solar panels you may think of the blue tinted, silver frame panels. However, most of the panels we offer are a black on black design that creates a more subtle and clean look.

During our consultations we will show you a design of the panels on your home. This will allow you to visualize what the panels look like. We will provide our expert advice on the locations that will give you the highest solar production, but ultimately this is your project and you will get the final design approval as long as they are within building code.

9.How will it affect the sale of my home?

Not only does solar help save you money on your electricity bill, but it also increases the value of your home. Berkeley Labs has proven solar adds $4/Watt to the resale value of the home.

If a home buyer had the choice of two identical houses in a neighborhood and one came with a low fixed energy bill and one didn’t, which one do you think they would choose?
Every proposal we create will include the estimated home value your system will add. We can predict this evaluation as we know how much energy your system will generate and we know the value of that energy.

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