Residential Solar Panels in Jacksonville FL

Are you overpaying for your energy?

Florida energy rates are increasing at 4% per year on average.
With solar, you are able to lock in low energy rates. Want to learn more?

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How much can I reduce my energy bills ?

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Our aim is to take the best care of our clients. Our systems are based on one thing: your needs.

We are passionate about helping Jacksonville homeowners and businesses save money with low-cost, reliable solar energy.

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Creating lifestyles that empower our people and power the world.

At Masterpiece Solar, we view ourselves as your partner on the solar journey, not just a vendor. Our approach prioritizes relationships and open dialogue to identify and provide solutions to each individual client's needs.

Why Solar?

Everyone is Going Solar

Cheap, clean electricity, future-proof technology – and it increases the value of your property.

What’s your other option? Keep paying your power bill.

Expensive, dirty electricity, outdated technology – and no return on investment.

Solar just makes sense.