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Answering Your Solar Questions

Considering switching to solar, as with anything, will bring up some typical questions and concerns. That’s normal, and we’re glad you’re taking it seriously.

The Masterpiece Solar team wants to make solar as simple as possible.

You can always reach out to us to answer any questions. However, we want to address our 4 biggest questions here:

Is there a warranty on a solar power system?

Our projects all include a 30-year bumper-to-bumper warranty. That means if anything we touch has an issue down the road, we will fix it for you.

The warranty has no deductible and remains valid as long as all maintenance is completed by the installation company.

Will having solar panels protect me from power cuts?

If you elect to install a battery alongside your solar system then yes, you will at least partially retain power during a cut. (How much power you retain depends on your consumption and number of batteries added to your system)

However, without a battery, your system will shut off when there is a power cut. This is done so that your panels aren’t pumping electricity into a grid that a utility worker is working on.

I’m concerned about putting holes in my roof to mount panels. Is this a risk for leaks?

For most roofs, punctures do need to be made in order to install the fasteners and mount the panels properly. However, our licensed and credentialed solar installation partners flash the penetrations as standard, to ensure a leak-proof installation for decades to come.

Are panels on my roof safe during a hurricane?

Florida buildings are required to meet the state’s strict wind codes – and solar panels are no different. The mounting techniques are specifically designed to resist Cat 4 & 5 hurricane-speed winds and flying debris, sometimes making the roof even stronger than it was before. We even offer panels that feature an extra high-wind rating, which are required in coastal areas. As with any home improvement covered by homeowner’s insurance, should damage occur, a claim can be filed to cover necessary repairs.

These answers came from our FAQs page.

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Tax Credit for Solar in Florida

As the saying goes, the only things in life that are guaranteed are death and taxes.

Unfortunately, we don’t have an answer for the first of those. 

However, we might just be able to help a little with the taxes.

As I’m sure you’re aware, solar is the way of the future. Through the rest of this decade and beyond, solar is going to become so commonplace that it will be weird if you don’t have solar!

To make sure of this, the government in the US and others around the world will make the adoption of solar and other renewables become law. 

Today, solar has not quite become law. So the federal government is incentivizing you, a homeowner, to switch. That means they are allowing 26% of the cost of your system to be covered in the form of a tax credit.

Those frustrating income taxes that you pay every year can all of a sudden come in handy!

This tax credit was at 30% in 2019 and is due to expire in 2022. So take advantage of this amazing opportunity whilst you still can.

Just one of the many fantastic benefits of going solar today.