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Learn the answers to the biggest solar energy questions.

1.What payment methods are supported?

Masterpiece Solar has a wide range of financing options available, none of which require a down payment or have pre-payment penalties. The ability to pay cash, or a combination of the two is also an option.

2.Do you do the design and the execution yourselves?

Masterpiece Solar works with our clients to create a system that is tailored to their needs, from creating the design to installing the equipment. We work hand and hand with our design engineers and solar techs to ensure top quality work every step of the project.

3.Is there a warranty on a solar power system?

Our projects all include a 30-year warranty. That means if anything we touch has an issue down the road, we will fix it for you. Warranties have no deductible, and remain valid as long as all maintenance is completed by the installation company.

4.Are panels on my roof safe during a hurricane?

Florida buildings are required to meet the state’s strict wind codes – and solar panels are no different. The mounting techniques are specifically designed to resist hurricane-speed winds and flying debris, sometimes making the roof even stronger than it was before. We even offer panels that feature an extra high-wind rating, which are required in coastal areas. As with any home improvement covered by homeowner’s insurance, should damage occur, a claim can be filed to cover necessary repairs.

5.Will going solar make my meter move backwards?

It depends on whether you are using all the energy that the panels are producing. If you are using more power than they are making, then the meter will still move forwards, but it will be greatly reduced. If, however, your panels are producing more energy than you are using, then yes your meter will move backwards, and you will be given a credit by your utility company!

6.I’m concerned about putting holes in my roof to mount panels. Is this a risk for leaks?

For most roofs, punctures do need to be made in order to install the fasteners and mount the panels properly. However, our licensed and credentialed solar installation partners flash the penetrations as standard, to ensure a leak-proof installation for decades to come.

7.Will having solar panels protect me from power outages?

If you elect to install a battery alongside your solar system then yes, you will at least partially retain power during a cut. Only a small % of solar systems are installed with batteries. It is also important to note that they can be added at a later date.

However, without a battery, your system will shut off when there is a power cut. This is done intentionally, so that your panels aren’t pumping electricity into a grid that a utility worker is working on.

8.Will a solar power system be able to run my air conditioner?

Our solar systems are designed to energize your entire home. That includes AC units, water heaters, fridges, TVs, night lights and anything else electrical in your house. Your current and future projected energy demand is calculated and accounted for in our project proposal. Our aim is to support your lifestyles in the most clean and cost-effective way possible.

9.How do I get a quote for a solar power system

All you need to do is reach out to us and book a totally free, no-commitment consultation.

We will then do an energy assessment of your home and put together a project proposal. Our proposals clearly show all of the numbers involved, including total system cost, your monthly payments, and how these compare to your current, non-solar option.

Every one of our solar systems require $0 down.

Our job is to give you all the information you need to make a well informed decision.

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